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Setup Python Script on OSX

to add a new python script in Blender with OSX 10.5(10.4)

For all Users but only for a specific version copy the script in:

for All blender version but only for a specific user copy all the script you need in:

N.B. you'll find only these scripts!!!

Torna sł

Make a Panorama (QTVR)

download from here
the BGC script (here is a local copy)
Copy the script as described here open blender file
put a camera in the center of your scene
press n to openthe Transform Propeties window:
set RotX: 90
set RotY: 0
set RotZ: -90

press F9 (Editing) set Lens: 17
open the python script editor

 in the Wizard menu you'll find BGC

in General Settings select frame number image type destination directory
in Cubic panorama settings select size for each of the 6 photo
then press Go on the same row of Cubic Panorama settings.
Here you go!! in the destination directory you'll find 6 image files !!!

based on your OS follow this howto to create th Qtvr file: